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    May 07 2015

    We get asked this question a lot: “My dog/cat has what looks to be dried rice on his back end. What are they?” These unpleasant remnants are actually tapeworm segments.…

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    Wellness Testing

    Apr 30 2015

    Let’s talk wellness testing!   Regular tests help us to find hidden diseases that may not be evident on a physical exam.  Often times this early detection allows us to…

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    Indoor Cats

    Apr 23 2015

    With a few simple steps, your cat can have a happy and fulfilling life as a totally indoor cat. Indoor cats need appropriate access to clean litter areas and mental…

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    Canine Influenza Information

    Apr 16 2015

    ABOUT K9 FLU: This is a rare disease with sporadic outbreaks There are currently only 34 confirmed cases in Chicago out of over 1000 dogs coughing; many coughing dogs have…

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    Springtime “Flower” Pet Saftey Tips

    Apr 14 2015

    Springtime is here! Coon Rapids Pet Hospital would like to remind pet owners that a host of risks present themselves to dogs, cats and other companion animals. As pet owners…

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    Valentine’s Day: safe and happy for pets as well as humans

    Feb 12 2015

    Coon Rapids Pet Hospital would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day can be as much fun for pets as it is for humans if dangerous…

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    Pet Dental Care: To Brush Or Not To Brush

    Feb 10 2015

    The combination of sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and an unwilling participant creates a challenging situation for many pet owners attempting dental care at home. True, it can be daunting to…

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    Yellow Dog Project

    Dec 27 2014

    Have you ever seen a dog with a yellow ribbon on its collar or leash and wondered what it’s about? The Yellow Dog Project is a not-for-profit movement to help dog owners…

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    Back to School

    Sep 10 2014

    It’s that time of year again – lunches to make, busses to catch, homework to do – the general pace of life approaches frantic, at least until you’re settled into…

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    Blue green algae

    Jul 17 2014

    Blue green algae                                                       …