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Nov 02 2015

Blood work for Cats/Kittens

Yearly blood work is important for our feline friends too!

For cats that are 1-8 years of age the doctors at the Coon Rapids Pet Hospital recommend a general health screen and for our senior cats (>8-9 years of age) we recommend the senior screen. Yearly bloodwork helps us detect changes or abnormalities before your pet is sick. Often times, there are things we can do to treat disease or prevent progression if abnormalities are picked up early. Our health screen for younger cats looks at the function of the liver and kidneys and screens for diabetes. Our senior screen bloodwork assesses internal organs (including liver and kidney), checks for signs of inflammation, infection or anemia, evaluates electrolytes, looks for metabolic abnormalities and screens for common endocrine disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disease. Is your cat up to date on their yearly blood work?


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